AMT 190 RF

AMT's Aluminium range represents the new generation of AMT boats. The new AMT 190 Rf is a great companion both for day cruising, access boating or fishing. The stylish design makes AMT 190 Rf an eye-catcher in the harbor.

The new AMT 190 Rf with a center console is easy to look at and fun to drive even in rougher waters. The smoothly running aluminium hull gives the boat excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The large console protects from wind and water, allowing excellent visibility in all directions, and driving is easy and safe in a standing position as well. The walk around layout makes it very easy and safe to move around onboard, on water, when docking or when fishing. 

36 095,51 €
Yamaha F115DETX


Overall length
5060 mm
Overall width
2260 mm
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
650 kg
Fuel tank capacity
95 l

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