Aktyvūs filtrai

A practical boat for an entire season

The cabin-equipped Cross 60 Cabin works marvellously for sports fishing or as a tender. With a spacious bow area facilitating both loading and unloading, the wide centre aisle of the 60 Cabin makes it easy to get around the boat's interior. Large windows and a roof hatch on the driver’s side provide the skipper visibility in all direction, while the cabin offers ample space for passengers and equipment. To top it all off, Cross 60 Cabin is also available with outside steering.

50 000,00 €

The new flagship

Modern design meets maximum comfort.

The biggest model of the Cross line-up, the popular 75 Bow Rider, has a new modern look that brings out all the best qualities of this flagship. The reliable combination of aluminium hull and fiberglass deck looks and feels as good as ever.

50 000,00 €

A spacious centre-console boat for short connections and fishing

The Yamarin 61 CC is a centre-console boat that can handle even the rougher seas. Thanks to its practical interiors, there is plenty of space around the console, which makes moving around and docking the boat easy. The sturdy construction and deep V-bottom of the 61CC make boating safe and comfortable in any weather – creating a fantastic choice for both travel or fishing purposes.

50 000,00 €

Feel the thrill of speed

This speedy and spacious all-purpose boat is perfect for water sports, day trips, or as a brisk tender. Standard equipment of the 64 Bow Rider includes a handy single-key Abloy locking system. The open aft space of this stylish boat is crowned by a spacious U-couch that offers enough seating for a large group of friends. The upright design of the boat’s sturdy windshield provides great wind protection – even to passengers sitting at the back.

50 000,00 €

The sporty all-rounder

The more than 6-metre-long boat combines an aluminium hull with a GRP deck. It offers good space for seven persons and is equally at home in day cruising, water sports, coastal connections and commuting.

50 000,00 €

An unparalleled family boat

The protective and high-sided open space of the sleek Cross 54 BR is safe for even the smallest passengers in the family. This diverse and spacious boat provides shelter for up to six passengers, while its deck surface area is spacious enough to carry even larger amounts of goods. Getting on board from bow, stern or sides is easy thanks to the practical stepping platforms. 

50 000,00 €

Fast and versatile 57 Bow Rider

The stylish Yamarin Cross 57 BR offers excellent handling characteristics for fast boating. This versatile and speedy boat is excellent for water sports, day trips or as a quick tender – with high and sturdy bow and aft railings to provide increased safety. Behind the boat’s high windshield lies an intermediate space that is sheltered and the most spacious in its size class. In addition, the 57 BR has fixed fender racks and an impressive dark aluminium floor as standard equipment.

50 000,00 €

A comfortable open boat for a variety of uses

The Yamarin 56 SC is a comfortable, open boat designed for versatile activities. During day cruises, a table can be set in the middle of the boat's seating group for meals. This makes the 56 SC a wonderful place to enjoy summer days, with an optional sun deck and mattress. The large side console provides great protection as well as good visibility, and the bow of the boat has ample loading space.

50 000,00 €

A winning combination of great handling and functionality

The Yamarin 46 SC is a functional boat with excellent handling that guarantees smooth travel – no matter the weather. With well-designed space solutions and ample storage room, the spacious open bow of the 46 SC creates an ideal companion for quick summer trips out on the water.

50 000,00 €

Speed and style for water sports and day cruises

Yamarin 63 BR is a splendid all-rounder for leisurely boating, especially water sports. The new Yamarin 63 BR represents the same modern yet timeless appearance and design as the Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser, the biggest Yamarin of all time.

50 000,00 €