AMT 215 PH

The AMT pilot house model for the demanding boaters who want to be out on the sea from the second the ice breaks in spring until the first frost falls late in the autumn. Plenty of storage, a spacious and flat aft deck and a sheltered cabin that sleeps three are some of the selling points of the AMT 215 PH. The boat is easy to customise according to your own needs.

A versatile and high-performance seafarer for the demanding boater. This model features a hull with a high bow, a spacious and flat aft deck, ample storage and a sheltered cabin for sleeping. It is suitable for a number of uses from commuting to freight transport, fishing, outings and professional use. The boat can be customized for different purposes.

60 490,32 €
Yamaha F115DETX


Overall length
6400 mm
Overall width
2400 mm
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
1250 kg
Fuel tank capacity
215 l

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