AMT 175 BR

AMT 175 BR is a spacious, stylish and versatile all-rounder, especially well suited for speed-enthusiastic and quality-conscious boaters. In designing the AMT 175 BR, the main focus has been on safety, effortless usage and a stylish design.

The hull runs quietly in-water and behaves consistently in all situations, offering smooth rides through the waves - of course without sacrificing the great driving capabilities, performance and fuel efficiency. The interior layout is one of the most spacious models in its category. The model houses clear walkways, comfortable passenger areas, spacious storage units and distinct places for all boating equipment. Between the two ergonomically designed steering consoles a one-piece door has been installed.

27 313,33 €
Yamaha F115DETX


Overall length
5150 mm
Overall width
2080 mm
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
550 kg
Fuel tank capacity
60 l

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