AMT 160 R

Luxury and comfort with a smaller price tag is what AMT 160 R stands for. It is a stable console boat for use at both the summer house, for fishing and shorter leisure trips - there is pretty much nothing this spacious 4,7-meter boat cannot do.

Extremely spacious in its size class, the AMT 160 R is a stable 4,7-metre starboard console boat for general use. The boat’s sturdy construction and high sides make it safe to operate even in rougher waters than usual. The well-planned interior layout and meticulous use of space leave plenty of room for both passengers and their belongings. The AMT 160 R offers luxury and comfort matching that of larger boats, not previously available in this size class.

19 604,42 €
Yamaha F115DETX


Overall length
4720 mm
Overall width
2050 mm
Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)
450 kg

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